Monday, August 17, 2015

My new planner

I am so excited to get my class list and schedule so that I can insert the information into my new teacher planner. I am going to save so much time this year and really be organized.

Click here to get my editable teacher planner for 2015-2016
I worked really hard to make this planner simple to use for any teacher. I made one for myself like this a few years ago but this time I made sure to add everything I needed to it, such as expense sheets, parent volunteer information, substitute information pages and pages to write my weekly objectives. It's personalized so I get to show off that this awesome planner is MINE!

To get your planner or to know more, visit my teacher store at here. Don't forget to check out the previews to see how simple the planner is to use!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Moving Up!

I am going into my 10th year of teaching. Time flies!

The last few years I have changed schools, either because I have had to, being young and having less seniority than any other permanent teacher at my schools, or because I was trying to get closer to home to have a few more minutes at home with my little girl. Because of this, I haven't always had much control over deciding which grade I was going to teach. This year, I had a bit of control. I had to choose between moving up with my first graders into second grade, or moving up to fourth grade. I chose the latter.

I love teaching any grade. I love teaching, period.

I loved organizing my first grade class last year, down to deciding between tables and desks for my students (I chose tables and didn't regret it for a second during the year) to decorating my reading corner and designing my classroom job task cards for the bulletin board. I loved organizing my program and implementing my lessons. I grew a lot last year, learned a lot about myself and my teaching style.

Classroom Jobs Display Set

This year, I have to rethink everything. Last time I taught fourth grade, two years ago, I hadn't had time to get organized the way I do this year. I was ill, waiting for surgery, and was trying to survive. This year, everything will be PERFECT!! (Yah, right).

Now I am looking for ways to organize my class similarly as my first grade class, but with my larger furniture. I want my class to be appealing and welcoming, organized, age-appropriate and conducive to individual and group work.

I also need to update some of my materials and projects to make them level-appropriate, because they are as interesting and appealing to my little kids as to the older kids in the school.

I have my work cut out for me and I have a lot of thinking to do.

I welcome comments and suggestions about blogs, articles and sites to check out.